Since getting back from my trip to LA late last year I have been busy penning and recording new music , adding to my now extensive catalogue of songs.

As old fashioned as this sounds guys !! .. Every single experience in the journey of every single day brings new inspiration and I am so excited and so very proud to be about to  release This Is My Country over the coming weeks for  Help For Heroes  ….. come on lets raise as much money for these amazing people as we can !!!

 All the Love ….. Ashley Bruce

Dear world….

This Is My Country – Help For Heroes….

From the heart for the most outstanding people that need our help and support each and every single day.

I cannot begin to explain how incredibly proud I am to have the opportunity to release a song that I have written and composed for the most amazing people to whom we as a nation owe so very much.

Over the coming weeks I will be promoting and releasing a song that I have written called This Is My Country which has been both musically and lyrically inspired by all of our military personnel and their families who have suffered life changing consequences and injuries for the sake and safety of others.
Every single penny of the profits from the sale of the single will be going direct to Help For Heroes.

It’s time to step forward and make the biggest possible difference to those most incredible Men and Women and families that have given so much to ensure that the world that we all live in and our children are being born into is a safer, better, brighter place Help for Heroes …

I will be updating this section soon with the release date for the single. Thank you for reading and together let’s make this year even bigger for them.

Ashley Bruce Biography

Just before Christmas 1998 the life of singer/songwriter Ashley Bruce changed forever. Ashley was struck down by a brain haemorrhage, a phenomenon that kills one in three people affected immediately. In the following 12 months, he was In and out of hospital and suffered a further subdural hematoma. His life hung in the balance and doctors warned of a 5% chance of survival. But after neurosurgeons performed three lifesaving operations, lasting over 17 hours, he lived to tell the tale going on to build on a prolific ability to write and record an extensive catalogue of great commercial songs.

Reflecting on his experience, Ashley said: “I was full of regret about the things I hadn’t done, but this has changed me immensely.” His determination has amazed both his family and the doctors. Since the trauma, Ashley clearly remembers his thoughts at the time and how music gave him the will to live and somehow kept him in tune with the outside world.   “I came out of the operation and I could hear notes in my head…. now I’m writing songs all day.”

After leaving hospital, Ashley had to face the uphill struggle of a rehabilitation programme designed specifically to re-teach him how to do literally all of the things that we take for granted. He was life’s child all over again. Ashley was struck down for a second time shortly after leaving hospital with a potentially fatal subdural hematoma and subsequently had to undergo further lifesaving brain surgery, however by the end of the summer of 1999, Ashley was at home and on the road to recovery, writing his music with an even greater determination and depth of musical ability that surprised even him.

Ashley pledges to give encouragement and hope to others and their families who have undergone similar problems by sharing his remarkable story of recovery against all odds.

Meeting this charismatic musician today, it is difficult to believe he has under gone such trauma and such a long road to recovery. He admits that the experience has taught him to grab every day with both hands and says: ‘’I still getting a buzz from waking up each day and finding I’m alive’’, the whole world experience was a huge wake-up call that led me back into my music and I am grateful for that.

Ashley’s positive attitude to life is reflected in his music, in the extraordinary words and his positive and enthusiastic performance. Letting nothing stand in his way, Ashley has had to adapt to playing his guitar differently due to loss of feeling in his left hand. But this does not stop him from playing and singing with great passion and emotion, moving the audience with his words and music and unique style. Numerous people have put him in the category of Billy Joel, David Gray & Elton John.

Ashley’s performances can be summed up into words of those who have witnessed them. Mike Read, former Radio 1 DJ, who was present at one of Ashley’s gigs, had no hesitation in saying “Ashley Bruce is an inspiration to many people, music gave him the will to live and he’s also incredibly commercial.”

Ashley’s focus right now is helping to raise both awareness and vital funds for the charity Help For Heroes. Funds that will help support the rehabilitate our phenomenal ex-servicemen and women whom have suffered life changing injuries, whilst serving our great country,

Thankyou Arm Forces Personnel you are simply The Best …

You Make Me Feel

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